The question of how to stay cool in the summer is on everyone’s mind as the temperature climbs. Running the air conditioner all day can be expensive, but sitting around in a pool of your own sweat isn’t much fun either!

If you’re looking for creative ways to beat the heat, we’ve got you covered. Here are our five favorite ways to stay cool in hot weather, and have fun doing it.


Summer Proof Your Home

You’ve heard of winter proofing your house, but what about summer proofing? It might seem silly, but there are a few simple steps you can take that will make a big difference in how cool your house feels. Make sure your ceiling fans are all on the counterclockwise setting to cool most effectively, and keep rooms as dark as possible with curtains or blinds. And don’t forget to open your windows in the evening to create a crossbreeze and help lower the temp for bedtime.


Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is key in the summer. Not only is it healthier for you, when you’re adequately hydrated your body has an easier time regulating its temperature, keeping you cool. Our hydration tips for summer include starting off your day with a big glass of H2O, keeping a full water bottle with you at all times, and adding fun flavors with fruit infusions and lemon slices. Swap ice cubes for frozen fruit for an extra cooling treat.


Eat a Cool Down Diet

Drinking enough water is key, but so is eating it! In the summertime, it’s extra important to make sure you’re eating hydrating fruits and veggies, like watermelons, cucumbers, and leafy green vegetables. Avoid heavier foods you’d enjoy in the winter, like stews and braises, which are delicious but take more effort to digest, raising your body’s temperature. Try adding at least one hydrating food to each meal to help stay cool.


Go on Adventures to Beat the Heat

There’s something about summertime that puts us in an adventurous frame of mind—and some of those adventures can also help you stay cool! Visit the community pool or a local lake, pond, or beach for a refreshing swim, or take advantage of the air conditioning in a local museum or shopping center. Going to a summer matinee in an air conditioned theater is another fun and refreshing way to stay cool, and have fun doing it.


Boost Your Blood Flow With Compression Socks

Compression socks help moderate your body temperature by making it easier for blood to circulate throughout your body, effectively cooling you down. Boosting blood flow, reducing swelling, and helping your feet stay comfy in even the sweatiest summer heat, Wellow compression socks might just be the ultimate secret weapon to staying cool on even the most sweltering summer days.

By following these five easy steps, you’ll be setting yourself up for your coolest summer yet. So get out there, have a big glass of water, slather on the SPF, and enjoy your summer in style.

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