Wellow socks
reduce swelling in
feet during pregnancy

Compression socks are a simple, everyday habit that can make women more comfortable during pregnancy.

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Nearly 80%

of pregnant women experience swelling of the legs and feet during pregnancy, normally in the second and third trimester, and half of those women report swelling remains a problem after delivery.

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Compression Socks
are a Solution

For pregnant women, the vast majority of foot issues, from swelling to general discomfort, are alleviated with regular use of compression socks during pregnancy.

Almost universally, compression socks reduce swelling, leading to better circulation and less pain; they also help prevent varicose veins and serious issues like deep vein thrombosis.

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Hard to Find The Perfect Fit

Finding a compressive and supportive fit can be tough, and doctor's agree that the right fit is essential to helping pregnant women find relief. Frustrated by the lack of comfortable, supportive compressive socks, we started Wellow.


Wellow's Unique
Compression Benefits

Wellow socks feature a unique 18-25 mmHg compression level, making our socks are compressive and supportive enough to provide relief for swollen, achy legs and feet while still remaining comfortable for daily all-day use.

They fit under sneakers and boots, supportive enough to wear without shoes around the house but soft and comfortable enough that you won't feel constricted or bound too tightly.

Pregnancy socks
Pregnancy socks
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Soft, stretchable viscose made from bamboo fibers means socks are breathable, too, which is important for expectant mothers on the go; Our socks are also moisture-wicking, meaning feet stay cool and dry all day long.

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4-Way Stretch

Four-way stretch means the socks move with you, too, from toe to knee—they’re easy to pull on and off as well, taking a little bit of complication out of the awkwardness that comes out of the third trimester.

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Good While Feeling Great

As an added bonus, Wellow socks come in 27 colors which means there's a pair-or two—perfect for whatever you're up to.

From boardroom to brunch, after-school pickup to airports, your feet will stay cozy and dry all day long in solids and patterns to match whatever you're wearing and whatever you're doing.

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