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Feel good any day with Wellow.

At 18-25 mmHg, our socks gently wrap around feet, ankles, and legs to provide the support that stimulates circulation without feeling tight. We call that the WellowFit. 

Our socks also provide unparalleled softness, durability, moisture-wicking, and antimicrobial properties. So your feet feel good, look good, and smell good.

Fabric & Care

Our Guarantee

Easy to Stretch

From toe to knee, there's more to your Wellows than meets the eye—just pull them on. With 4-way stretch, they'll slide over your calves and stretch all the way up to your knees.

Incredibly Soft & Comfy

Tired of scratchy, uncomfortable compression socks? We were, too. Wellow socks are made from a soft, breathable viscose from bamboo blend that keeps feet cool and dry no matter what you do.

Unique Compression Level

Look good and feel good all day in compression socks that feel like a gentle hug on your legs. Our unique, graduated 18-25 level compression level supports you every step of the way.

Gold Member
What is WellowGold?

Benefits of Wellow Compression Socks

Excessive standing & sitting

Keep blood moving with Wellow’s unique compression level of 18-25 mmHg. Manifesting healthy blood circulation is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Flying or driving long distances? Be sure to pack a pair of Wellows to keep aviation-induced circulatory issues at bay.


For pregnant women, it’s no secret the surge of hormones and increase in blood volume can make ankles, among other things, swell. Reduce pregnancy edema with Wellow.


If you ever feel sore after a good workout, it’s likely due to a buildup of lactic acid. Compression socks alleviate this blockage by moving waste fluids upward and out of your legs.

Swelling feet

Ever notice how your feet seem to swell in the humidity? It’s not your imagination. Wellow can help by inducing positive circulation throughout the legs, so you can kiss those sweaty feet goodbye. Our moisture-wicking viscose made from bamboo material means your feet breathe in the heat.

Why Compression Matters

Contrary to popular belief, compression socks aren’t just for the elderly. As the pandemic has changed the workscape for many, you may find yourself sitting at home for longer periods of time. And if you’re standing for longer periods of time, like medical professionals, Wellow’s soft hug approach at 18-25 mmHg compression is ideal.

With a unique compression level that isn't too loose or too tight, our 18-25mmHg means you can wear Wellow socks all day long comfortably. Woven from viscose made from bamboo means sweat won’t be on your feet. As they gently constrict the tissues and oxygenate the blood, they move waste fluids out, promoting ample circulation.

Wellow is the only sock at this compression level that gently wraps around feet, ankles, and legs to provide enough support to stimulate blood flow but be comfortable enough to wear all day.

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